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The Four Elements of Your Mind-Sets Vision, Imagination,Thoughts, and Meditations

Let’s examine each of the four elements that compose the foundation of your mindsets starting with vision.

VISION - the ability to imagine or foresee what cannot be seen. Vision is the idea that never leaves you, the dream that won’t go away or the passion that won’t subside. The irritating desire that’s so deeply planted that you can’t enjoy your current job because you’re always thinking about what you wish you were doing.

Dr. Myles Monroe


Vision is important because this is the first stage of your thinking process. When you were a child, your parents or school teachers asked what you would you like to be when you grew up; your school hosted career day with the intent of motivating and stimulating your mind for your future. As adults, vision is important now more than ever because we do not have the luxury of time as when we were children. People do not fail in life because they want to; people fail in life because they have no vision, and they spent their time daydreaming.

A daydream is a picture or pictures which do not speak directly to your purpose but fade away leaving you to face the realities of where you are in life with no thought on how to change your situation. I am not saying that dreams are not valuable information; however, if your dreams are not compelling you to move toward your goals in life, re-evaluate the dream to see where the substance is, or if there is any at all.


Out of the four elements of our mindset, imagination is the most fun because we can be anything, be anywhere, or anyone we desire to be, no matter how crazy it appears. This is the place to allow your vision to take flight. Your imagination expands your vision to search out the possible, and the impossible according to the vision you received. Our creativity comes from our imagination because our creativity has no limits just as our imagination has no limits.

Our imagination has no governors or restrictors; it can be wild and crazy, subdued and mellow. It’s all based on your thoughts of what you want from life. “God gave us the power of imagination to keep us from focusing only on our present conditions. He wants us to take a tour of our visions on a regular basis. What do you imagine doing?” Allow your mental perception to see every aspect of your vision. An original created thought could make you a millionaire, create breakthroughs in health and sciences, or help you relate to and effectively communicate with your family. It is all up to you.


Thoughts are your reflective thinking processes of an established idea, theory, or principle. Your thoughts are the opposite of your imaginations; although it encompasses all the factors of your perception. Your thoughts are the guidelines to your imagination that helps put your imaginations into perspective. Your thoughts are based upon your belief system. Your belief system shapes your perceptions, which give credence to your motivations, and or inspirations to conquer your desires. Thoughts are not all inclusive they can include anything from your past, present and future.


Meditation combines the results of your vision, imagination, and thoughts. When these are mixed together, it ignites a mental energy or spiritual matter which becomes the basis of your perceptions. Then it is downloaded into your heart as a result; out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks (Luke 6:45b). When you speak what is in your heart; you receive (attract) whatever you put out into the spirit realm or atmosphere, so be careful of what you say.

“Everything that’s coming into your life you are attracting to your life. It’s attracted to you by virtue of images you’re holding in your mind.”

Remember: every problem or situation you deal with only reflects what you think, or once thought about. Control your thoughts, control your life.

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