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My purpose is to ignite people's passion for God, their families, and themselves. My mandate is to build a genuine connection with God the Father and His people through relationships, not tradition or religion. My calling is to serve fresh oil by the Holy Spirit of God so that the body of Christ will receive a fresh anointing. The Word of God (Bible) is our foundational framework for living. In addition, we also integrate current Life Coaching and Leadership models, filtering them through the Word of God to enhance self-awareness for our listeners, and readers. I am a husband (Jackie Daniels) a father of four amazing children: Lawrence, Hannah, Annah, and Joseph.


We do not claim to have all the answers or attempt to provide solutions to every personal situation that may arise during one's marriage and personal life. We do not claim to be clinical psychologists or counselors. Our assignment is to provide empowerment and enrichment sessions aimed at equipping attendees with Biblical tools, Kingdom Strategies, and powerful coaching models to enhance their self-awareness and understanding of their motivations. It is the responsibility of the listener and reader to seek God the Father and apply all information that is relevant to them.

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