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Self-inventory is when you begin the process of examining your attitude, actions and behaviors.You must be willing to ask yourself, "How did I get here?" Are you willing to look at the good, bad and ugly of your life without turning away. Are ready to ownership of your decisions?   - William E. Daniels
We are passionate about inspiring others!

Hello friends, thank you for taking the time to connect with me. I appreciate your presence in this space. My WHY is to motivate, inspire and empower you to look at the big picture of your life, and assist you to find your pathway to becoming the best you can be! 

Instead of sessions we have empowerment conversations that are designed to create an environment where you can feel free to confront mistakes, mishaps, and the weight of not knowing who they are.You will learn empowerment strategies and tools on how to be a better person.You will come to a greater knowledge and understanding of the empowered spirit-man that resides in you. In addition to that, you will gain a greater understanding of the soul-man that occupies your body.

It is our hope and belief that as you continue to apply the spiritual principles, you will have a greater awareness of your current or recent behavior patterns and actions to the degree you will be able to coach yourself through the process of recovery by internal...


Self-Correction: Taking ownership of behavior, actions, and outcomes while being less reliant on others, learning from mistakes.

Self-Observation: A greater awareness of your words, actions, and thinking; subsequently discovering your own coachable or teachable moments.

Self-Generation: Continually apply Kingdom principles along with Empowering coaching models as a permanent resource to draw from for a permanent change.


Get ready for an awesome journey to your different levels of life that includes people, places, and things on the outside of you and a deeper journey of knowledge and understanding on the inside of you. “The Best is Yet to Come!”

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