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Hello Family, have you ever wondered about the call to ministry? Do you believe you've been called but do not know what that means? Have you been in ministry and need a fresh perspective? Lastly, maybe you've never been called but are interested in understanding the call to ministry. This book is for you.


You will discover what the call is and how it happens. You will observe how God called Samuel, Moses, Joshua, and Elisha. Our discussion will cover Jesus calling His disciples and Paul (Saul of Tarsus) to ministry. In addition to other subject matter. My desire is for you to hear God's voice as it relates to His call on your life through examples of how God spoke and moved through others. I pray that you will find clarity in your call and the process that will follow. This is your season of new beginnings. Walk in it, Live it, and Become it!

The Calling

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